Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Toni Hosts Event at Hometown Movie Theatre

Toni was in her hometown of Manistee, Michigan this past weekend, specifically at the Vogue movie theatre, which they are trying to get restored to its former glory.

She hosted the event (which was standing room only!) which showed some of her recent work, had a Q&A and a meet and greet!

Here's an article from the Manistee News Advocate all about it - and telling you how to donate if you'd like to give a little something to a great cause :) Reopen the Vogue, Revitalise Manistee

and here is a video from the Manistee News Advocate of the event.

Toni Appears in the Manistee News Advocate

What a great article in Toni's hometown's local newspaper! Click on the links to read them in PDF format!

Page One

Page Two

Friday, 9 December 2011

"Dear Diary..." Explained!

We asked Toni to explain "Dear Diary..." for us, after she introduced us to it at Eternal Twilight 6 and frequently tweets it as well. We wanted to know how it all came about, so Toni obliged! Here it is, in her own words:

“Dear Diary, Today I had to write a little ditty about how you were born…IT WAS CRAZY!” – beep

As many of you may or may not know, I have my roots firmly planted in the theatre. For those of you who have spent any extensive time in the theatre or around theatre folk, you will know that “catch phrases” are a common occurrence. Actors tend to see the world through party-goggles. We can find a good laugh in an empty room with no windows…It’s a gift.

Any small or large event can lead to catch phrase. In hindsight, I wish I had kept a running list throughout my life of all the catch phrases that have come and gone over the years. Many a catch phrase was birthed on the Breaking Dawn set to entertain us. Some of you may already know about #GFYS. If you don’t, then GFYS or read To Daniel Cudmore and Toni Trucks...GFYS

This brings me to “Dear Diary.” My brother will tell you that I am always talking to myself like a crazy person as I walk around the house, narrating myself through random tasks. “Alright now were gonna doing the dishes.” “OK, let just sit down here and check the email”… and so on. I have always done this, I think to subconsciously prepare for my inevitable career as a talk show host. As a little girl I hosted a VERY successful program called THE SHAMPOO SHOW.  It taped weekdays at around 7am in my shower. During that time I would happily explain to the “audience” i.e. the shower wall, how to properly shampoo and condition ones hair. It was a big hit. Programming was ultimately canceled due to hot water issues at the studio.

Nonetheless years later, Dear Diary was birthed. I started using “Dear Diary" to get my introverted brother to give me compliments. I would wander in to the living room and passive aggressively say “Dear Diary, Toni just made the most delicious dinner for me… IT WAS CRAZY!” he would then laugh and say thank you. It was very effective. It also really made me laugh. Most catch phrases come with an accent. For this, I developed a thick New York accent sprinkled with the sort of venomous sincerity that only a teenager can possess.

On set I would rattled off “Dear Diary” entries to pass the time on long shooting days.
“Dear Diary, I just spent 4 hours in hair and make-up…IT WAS CRAZY!”
“Dear Diary, I think these vampire contacts gave me vertigo…IT WAS CRAZY!”

It did NOT take long for my true blue theatre sister, LISA Howard (Siobhan, Irish coven) to catch on. We immediately loved each other. Having mutual friends, a New York State of mind and theatre blood running through our veins, we spoke the same kooky language right away. Lisa began doing “Dear Diary” so often that she would occasionally pause to give me credit. It just tickled us to no end. Any random piece of information was diary worthy. After all it’s a diary, say what you like!

“Dear Diary, they told me this was a sweater dress, but it’s just sweater…IT WAS CRAZY!  (That will be funny later)
“Dear Diary, Lisa Howard showed us a “funny face” today that will haunt me for the rest of my life…IT WAS CRAZY” (This will also be funny later)

Soon the covens caught on. “Dear Diary” was a hit, and as with all diaries, a way to safely express yourself without being judged.

“Dear Diary, today I thought about tripping Guri Weinberg in the snow. I hugged him instead…IT WAS CRAZY!
“Dear Diary, Today I realized Noel Fisher might be a ghost…IT WAS CRAZY!”
“Dear Diary, Today I was sneaky and ate some skittles that Valorie Curry had hiding in baby pockets of her costume. I think she might be a drug dealer…IT WAS CRAZY!”

Now we pass the torch to you. Give us your best Dear Diary entries, the good, bad, boring, ugly, and unbelievable. IT IS ON!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Reach Out and Help this Twi-Family

I'm sure you've all read this story by now, but please spare a thought or prayer (and a couple of dollars/pounds if you can) for Judy Hornberger and her husband and son-in-law at this sad, sad time. via TwiFans

Our thoughts are with you all, Judy.

Love from Toni and the Truckers xxx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Twilight Lexicon Interviews the Nomads

Black Carpet interviews with Erik Odom (Peter), Billy Tangradi (Randall), and Toni at the Breaking Dawn Part One Premiere.